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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is search marketing that helps your information appear to people who are searching for local businesses. It can help your business stand out, not only in the search results, but also on a map view. Having Local SEO on your website helps users find your physical location, which means you’re driving traffic both to your website and into your store.

Want to experience it for yourself? Grab your phone and do a Google mobile search for “Restaurants Edmonton.” Google will show you the three top rated restaurants, and they include the distance from you and a map. If you click on one of those results, you’ll find a click to call button, get directions, a link to their website, and a listing of their reviews. Your search results will change depending on where you are currently located.

Local SEO is designed to help customers quickly find all of the information they might be looking for in their area.

How is Local SEO different from SEO?

Websites compete for attention in search results. This is true for both SEO and Local SEO.

The major difference is that Local SEO has a geographic and mobile component to it. Mobile search has surpassed desktop search for people looking for local brick-and-mortar businesses. That means that more people are searching for businesses when they are already in the vicinity, and they are ready to purchase.

50% of users who perform a local search on their mobile device visit the physical location within 24 hours.

Local search factors place an emphasis on the searcher’s location, address and phone number, customer reviews, and mobile responsiveness. While organic SEO is built around good quality content, local SEO is influenced by consistent citations, link building, and reviews.

Why should you care about Local SEO?

“I want it right and I want it right away.” - Your customers.

People make decisions fast. That’s why Local SEO is important for your business. You want them to find your business first, see that it is reputable, and find directions on how to get to you, all in a matter of seconds.

Is your business easy to find online? Is your website mobile responsive and does it load correctly? Do you have a fully optimized Google My Business account? Do you know how to optimize your website for voice search?


Citation & directory building: Having your citation (name, address, and phone number) appear on reputable websites is critical to the success of your local SEO. We work with local citation finders to build your citation value.

Change of location: Moving addresses? Don’t miss out on traffic to your new location. Hire us to help ensure your citations on the internet are up-to-date and are driving people into your new store.

Review management & solicitation: 80-90% of shoppers read online reviews before making purchases. This means that having a 5-star review is incredibly valuable, but soliciting those positive reviews is time-consuming. We work with review building tools to help generate reviews from your happy customers.

We can help you get found by your ideal local customers. Contact us today to learn more.