Box Clever is an award-winning digital media agency in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re a people company focused on client relationships. Oh, and we build really great websites.

Starting as a collaboration between two brothers in 2005, Box Clever has since expanded both its systems and services to provide you with exactly what you need - easy to use websites you can love. We built our own content management system, WebGuide, to enable our clients to manage their own content on their own time. It’s so easy to use that grade one students were able to publish to the web for Alberta’s Centennial without any training (it’s a great story, ask us about it sometime). We take that functionality and make it beautiful with the help of our talented team of designers who are well versed in user-centered design.


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Principal Partner


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What we do...

One of the questions we get the most has to be, “So...where did the name ‘Box Clever’ come from?”

To ‘Box Clever’ is to use both strength and wits against your opponent, and originates in the world of boxing.

So how does this apply to websites and digital media?

Our Strength: Box Clever builds innovative websites using our powerful content management system, WebGuide. Our websites are developed for usability, feature functionality, and cross-browser compatibility.

Our Wit: We have the intelligence that comes from a great team of experts who collaborate with you to reach your goals. We craft custom-designed websites for each project that reflect your company’s unique personality. This process is just the beginning of a long-term relationship where we help you navigate the internet to accomplish your goals.

How we do it...

  • plan

    1. Plan

    We listen. We learn about you, your needs and wants, and then we create a goal-oriented strategy.

  • build

    2. Build

    We take your goals and strategy, then combine them with our talent and expertise to build what you need.

  • test

    3. Test

    We debug, test and retest, and make final preparations for multiple environments.

  • launch

    4. Launch

    Your site goes live - seamless and fast. No downtime, no worries.