Mar 8/13
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Introducing Box Clever IT Services

As some of you already know, we've been quietly providing IT services to a limited number of clients over the years. However, we've never formally promoted these services - until recently.

We are excited to announce the launch of Box Clever IT Services!

We've launched a cool new website to promote our new endeavour and we're letting our existing clients know about Box Clever IT to help spread the word.

Our services include:

  • Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • Network Setup & Configuraiton
  • Data Backup Strategies
  • Server Installation
  • Spyware/Virus Removal
  • Email Hosting
  • Wireless Networks
  • Secure Remote Office Connections (VPN)

If you or someone you know could beneft from our services, please connect with Box Clever IT today! 

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.