Sep 13/07
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MacEwan Centre for Sport and Wellness Launches New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our sixth website in the past month, the brand new MacEwan Centre for Sport and Wellness site.

The new website for the MacEwan Centre is a great place to find information on all the sporty things going on at their great facility located in MacEwan College downtown. That includes the newly renovated pool, Life Age testing, all sorts of classes and of course their fitness area. You can also sign up for their newsletter.

Their new website is run through our Web Guide CMS making it really easy for staff at MacEwan to add and delete pages, articles, pictures, and news stories to their site. Through Web Guide they can also upload new banner graphics (that automatically get resized and have their logo added) and choose which pages get which graphics.

The new MacEwan Centre website is our third website for MacEwan College, joining the MacEwan Health Services site that launched just last week and the MacEwan Athletics (Griffins) site that we launched in 2005.

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