Alberta College of Dental Hygienists

New Name, New Look: Refreshing the Alberta College of Dental Hygienists Online Presence!

About the Client

The Alberta College of Dental Hygienists (ACDH) formerly the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta (CRDHA) is the regulatory body that oversees and regulates the practice of dental hygiene in Alberta, Canada.

The ACDH ensures that dental hygienists meet the standards of practice set by the College and promotes the delivery of safe and effective dental hygiene care to the public.

About the Project

As the chosen website partner of the CRDHA since 2016, our team was proud to have once again been trusted with crafting a new, modern, and engaging website for their new ACDH identity.

The new website was to feature the updated brand identity and promote themes of professionalism, trust, authority, and accountability.

The overall goal for the new website was to create a visually pleasing design that offered a dynamic and engaging user experience for site visitors. We utilized rounded borders, shifted and overlapped the layout of page elements, and increased the use of imagery to create a new design that breaks out of a classic grid while promoting themes of trust, accountability, and professionalism.

Image showing the old and new ACDH / CRDHA homepages

A new custom navigation landing page allows site visitors to quickly and easily access a selection of relevant page and resource links for key areas.

The landing page design uses elements of the new ACDH logo paired with and without photography, to create a consistent and visually dynamic way of promoting resources for various stakeholder groups.

Image of the Navigation Landing page design


Focused on improving stakeholder communications, we’ve also made the inclusion of a contact form in the footer area of the new ACDH website.

This addition streamlines the user experience by enabling site visitors with a seamless way to get in touch with the ACDH, from any page, with any questions or concerns they may have at any time. 

Image of the custom form in the footer of the ACDH website


The new website design also provided us with the opportunity to collaborate with the ACDH on an updated look to their vital "Verify a Registered Dental Hygienist" feature.

Through a direct integration our team was able to seamlessly present lookup results in a custom design layout aligned to the new brand identity. This creates a unified user experience compared to the old website’s use of a non-responsive MS Power BI based iframe embed. 


A new interactive experience has been added with the addition of our WebGuide Glossary Module. Through this module, the ACDH is able to perform an assignment of important terms and specify their definitions.

The defined terms are automatically highlighted wherever they appear throughout the website's content. Nested definitions are supported, and a terms listing page makes it easy to browse all of the terms and their definitions in one location.

image of the Glossary feature


Utilizing their new brand identity, combined with modern approaches to responsive website design, our team has been able to create a fresh new website that truly reflects the Alberta College of Dental Hygienists’ commitment to accountability, transparency, and integrity. 


As long-standing digital partners with the ACDH, we were honoured to have been given the opportunity to redesign their website and help bring their new brand identity to life.

We are excited to see the impact that this new website will have on the general public and registrants alike, and we look forward to continuing to support the ACDH in their mission to promote safe and effective dental hygiene practices in the province of Alberta.

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