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More than just a logo, a brand is how a business shares with the world and creates relationships. We create visual identity systems that are strategic and flexible through every use, medium, and space.

Perception is everything; branding is the tool we use to control it.

Successful branding is the foundation of any great marketing strategy. Your brand carries the message that connects customers to your business, like what values, qualities, and experiences differentiate you from your competitors? This is just a sample of what goes into the development of a brand.

Make your mark.

So, what goes into a logo? Did you consider everything that may influence the success of your new brand? Our team of design experts will meet with you to truly understand your business' vision, personality, and audience so that you receive an original logo that can compete at the highest level of your industry. We will work together to develop a series of concepts that become polished into one final product that fits you just right.

Forming a visual identity.

We assist our clients by strategically developing robust and effective brands. Your brand is a story that is waiting to be told - both online and offline - we are here to help you connect with your audience.

Consistency- Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any brand is consistency. This ensures that you are presenting the same image and persona no matter the medium. Repetition makes it stick, so it is vital that your brand retains its integrity. We can provide you with official brand guidelines to help enforce proper usage and other specifications.

Applications- How will your brand be used for your marketing initiatives, documents, and online properties? Your logo will be flexible for all mediums, including additional assets like letterheads, branded graphics for social media, and ad templates.

The details- The details in a brand can really make it or break it. We have experience in developing brand iconography, selecting appropriate typography, and forming gorgeous colour palettes.

Tone and messaging- Part of your brand strategy is setting the tone for creating relevant and compelling content for your users to relate to. What interests them? What would help them create a connection with your brand? We love working with our clients to tell their brand story with a consistent tone and impactful messaging.

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Our team is featured across the internet for our work creating the highest quality websites and brands!

Best in Edmonton included Box Clever in their selections of the top branding agencies in Edmonton.