Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

RDCRS switched from Existo Communications to WebGuide and integrated StaffConnect and both Bus Status apps for their school division and 23 schools.

About the Client 

Although Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools was happy with their old platform, they switched to WebGuide for Schools to get the best design and user interface which increases the overall user experience. Worried about the transition, we ensured RDCRS that it would be as smooth as possible and that it was! Within a week, all schools were trained and ready to launch.

About the Project 

WebGuide for Schools has allowed RDCRS to focus on their content as it is so easy to update and manage. WebGuide CMS allows staff of all technical abilities to update their resources on school websites as well as the division site.

With a strong visual identity, this fully responsive site has placed a visual emphasis on the divisions environment of nurturing spiritual development. In order to highlight the wide variety of programs offered by RDCRS a design was created to showcase them on their new homepage.

Integrated into WebGuide for Schools, RDCRS opted to use Box Clever’s entry-level Human Resources module, which allows them to post jobs directly onto their site, and offers a feature to categorize jobs providing a pleasant user experience for each applicant.

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools also launched Box Clever’s Bus Status App for both iPhone and Android, which connects to our Transportation system. All bus statuses are updated from the division site which pushes notifications out to the Apps, as well as all of the school websites.

The site integrates seamlessly with the division’s Active Directory system which makes it easy for new users to gain access to the site without having to remember another password!

When it comes to school website design, straight forward navigation is key. Parents, teachers, and students need to communicate with each other, which can be difficult to do. At Box Clever, we created a custom Content Management System, WebGuide for Schools (WGS) that creates consistency throughout the whole district. Each school is on the same CMS, each website has the same features and tools, and they are all branded as part of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools. This consistent layout and feel ensures that all visitors are quickly and easily able to get the information that they need.

Admin time is significantly reduced thanks to our simple to use system and effective set up and training. A half-day training session for staff is typically all the time that many schools need to create their fully-populated, ready to launch websites! The system is so easy to understand that the designated staff members trained by our team at Box Clever are then able to return to their schools and provide training to the rest of their school. WebGuide for Schools also allows for staff to have access to multiple school sites, along with access at the district level.

Each school has the choice of 30+ website templates and the option of customizing those templates by implementing a custom colour or design. If a school is looking for a fresh, new look it’s as easy as logging into WebGuide and selecting a new template - all content is automatically switched over to the new template without any additional work.  A refresh has never been so easy! 

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.