University of Alberta Museums

Amalgamating 29 unique database collections in one, easy-to-use museum website.

About the Client

The University of Alberta Museums has 29 unique collections, with millions of items. 

About the Project

For years, the university's collections were dispersed across 29 stand-alone websites, making it incredibly difficult for researchers to find the information they were looking for with ease. The websites were unresponsive and were all built and designed in isolation from one another, so the experience in accessing information varied widely.

One Web Search Database to Rule Them All

We began work to provide a single source of all online items with a seamless browsing and search experience. A database was constructed to query U of A’s museum collection management database system (MIMSY), the backbone of their impressive collection.

Through our familiarization with MIMSY and multiple focus groups with staff, students, researchers, and faculty, we determined all collections could be amalgamated into a single web search database.

Challenges with field mapping

With such a wide variety of collections consisting of items with very distinct properties, mapping fields from MIMSY into fields within a single database table presented a unique challenge. For instance, the fields associated with a painting from one collection and a meteorite from another collection: 


  • Created
  • Artist
  • Creation Date
  • Where it is stored


  • Found
  • Finder
  • Discovery Date
  • Where it was discovered

Managing Performance and Uptime

With web integrations that import or export information, there is a higher processing demand that can result in slow load responses and even downtime. To build a search site that was consistently available, fast, and optimized, three databases were required. Two databases hold all the imported catalogue information and the third database is solely for storing all the field mapping and configurations. This database set-up doesn’t just reduce risks associated with downtime, it eliminates it completely.

Data Imports

The website brings in traffic from all over the world. We have identified the off-peak hours to run the daily import which takes somewhere between five to six hours to complete. Because of our dual catalogue database system, site visitors experience no lapse or change in what they are browsing through during their session.

Sustainability and Scalability

The Museums Team has full control over the collections displayed on the website with a simple configuration panel that allows them to tell our system which MIMSY collections to map and import to our web collections and fields.

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