eCommerce Shopping for Local Edmonton Business

eCommerce Shopping for Local Edmonton Business

Yvonne’s Furniture is a family business that has been operating in Edmonton for over 25 years. With two successful, well-established locations in the city, the team at Yvonne’s was ready to dive in to the world of eCommerce and focus their attention on an entirely new online market.

Yvonne's wanted to make browsing and purchasing totally hassle-free for their customers on a beautiful new Shopify website.



The design that was implemented for their online store showcases their products with large photos and a clean interface. The homepage is broken into large sections dedicated to featured sales and brands to help funnel shoppers into products they might be interested in. The pages throughout the website are minimal in their design to facilitate a better, distraction-free user-experience.

Shopify makes inventory management a snap; With easy tagging and automatic catalogues, the team at Yvonne’s can easily manage their product listings, feature products, and add new products to different catalogues with minimal effort. Yvonne’s can even add special cases for certain items – for instance, for items that are only available in-store, a tag can be added to a product that triggers a custom message to appear and hides the “Add to Cart” button on the website.

In considering their typical customer journey, we trained their sales staff on location how to create carts for customers over the phone or while they were in store. This simple sales interaction would allow customers to return home, make sure the furniture in their cart fit in their house, and then complete the purchase by checking out their already populated cart with one click.

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