Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission

A stunning new visual identity and custom website for a Government of Alberta Crown corporation.

About the Client

The Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission is a public agency that was created under the Petroleum Marketing Act in 1974. It operates as the Crown’s agent in marketing its royalty share of resource production, and supports the development of value-added activities in Alberta’s petroleum sector.



About the Project

Our team was given the exciting opportunity to provide the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission with its inaugural visual identity as well as designing and crafting a new custom website to launch alongside the new branding.

Step 1: Building a Strong and Memorable Visual Identity

The creation of the APMC’s inaugural visual identity was an exciting project for our team to undertake.  As a first step, our team designed a unique custom logo that would reflect the core values and mission of the APMC. This involved brainstorming various themes and visual directions with the APMC leading to our team crafting several unique logo concepts.

Collaborating with key APMC stakeholders our team further iterated on the concepts, applying gathered feedback to inform revisions and refinements to the designs over several review sessions. The possible concepts were ultimately narrowed down to a distinct final design that was both simple and modern, while also reflecting the authority and expertise of the APMC. 

From there, we developed stationery and business card designs that incorporated the new logo and created a cohesive look for all official communications. Powerpoint and Word templates were also created to ensure consistency in presentations and other promotional materials. The final result is a comprehensive visual identity that reflects the APMC, while providing a professional and unified image to stakeholders and the public.

Step 2: Crafting a Cohesive and Impactful Online Presence

The new custom website for the APMC was designed to promote the authority and expertise of the APMC across the global petroleum industry, while providing new opportunities to communicate their roles and mandates to a wider range of audiences.

Supporting these goals, the new homepage features clickable tiles with unique icons, for easy and prominent access to key information about the roles and mandate of the APMC. Further down, a featured projects section provides an eye-catching display of project-related statistics, and a custom map of Alberta that helps promote key projects and locations for the APMC.

A unique feature of the new website is a custom organization timeline. This timeline feature enables the APMC to convey its knowledge and authority within the petroleum industry by sharing its long history from 1974 to today. APMC staff can create timeline entries supporting expanded descriptions, custom imagery, and links to resources. Sticky navigation offers an easy and engaging way to navigate on-demand throughout the timeline.

In collaboration with the APMC, our expert team has crafted a stunning professional visual identity and a unique and engaging custom website. These additions will allow the APMC to project a professional and unified brand image in global markets, and further enhance their ability and role to serve in the public interest of all Albertans for years to come.




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