Beaver Hills Biosphere

A modern, attractive, and responsive website to communicate the robust nature and impact of the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

About the Client

The Beaver Hills Biosphere is an internationally recognized member of the global network of over 700 Biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO.

The Beaver Hills was designated a UNESCO biosphere in 2016 and it is stewarded by the Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve Association, a collaborative effort of multiple partners working together for a sustainable region, through shared initiatives and collaborative action.


About the Project

Our team had the exciting opportunity of working with the Beaver Hills Biosphere team to develop their vision for the new Beaver Hills Biosphere website. Our primary goal for this project was to create a robust, user friendly, highly accessible experience that would help address the general lack of awareness and understanding of what the Beaver Hills Biosphere is, and what takes place within its boundaries. 


From the outset of the project it was identified how important it was that the new Beaver Hills Biosphere website would have the capability to directly support displaying both Cree and Michif indigenous language translations of content.

To enhance this experience for site visitors while on the homepage, a special translation widget was designed by our team that would make it easy for site visitors to toggle between the available translations on demand, while also making it easy for the site administrator to maintain and manage their translation content in WebGuide CMS. These translations are in development and will be added to the site soon.  

As part of its modern, visually appealing design, and with multiple projects under development by other Beaver Hills Biosphere partners, it was important that the site would have the capacity to support a large collection of multimedia and other interactive elements throughout the website and on the homepage. 

Visual enhancements using animations and custom graphical elements, based on the Beaver Hills Biosphere brand and map topography features, were added to create an elegant but playful experience that would keep site visitors engaged as they navigate through the websites content. 

A primary goal of this project was focused on establishing the ability to clearly communicate the nature and impact of the Beaver Hills Biosphere, not only environmentally and socially, but also highlighting the unique economic impacts of the biosphere.

To give a spotlight on these impacts, our team developed a custom projects module for the Biosphere that gave them the ability to highlight the key projects, ongoing and completed, both on their homepage as well as in a full projects listing directory. This custom projects module allows the Biosphere to showcasing projects by their category of impact, while also encouraging exploration by general audiences using custom search and filtering options.


Another substantial feature for the new Beaver Hills Biosphere site, was the ability to highlight the various places that offer an opportunity for exploration and unique activities within the biosphere region and its boundaries. To showcase the various places that visitors could explore, we created a way for the Biosphere to list specific locations and made it easy to integrate this information with a customized google map display.

The design for the map was made to be visually consistent with the rest of the website and branding, and its functionality was setup so that it would show where a place was located within the Biosphere's boundaries. We also made it easy for site visitors to either get directions to a place or access more information on visiting a given place.   

The launch of the new Beaver Hills Biosphere website signaled something remarkable for the Biosphere – a way to share the story of the Beaver Hills in a way that hadn’t been done before and help establish a sense of place for this very special place.

All of this was made possible by the accomplished and personable Box Clever team, with whom we have established a strong connection and what we hope will be a lasting relationship.

- Kristina Dembinski, Beaver Hills Biosphere

Together with the Beaver Hills Biosphere, our team was able to craft a modern, visually appealing, user-friendly and functional website experience that would enable a visitor to follow the desired user journey to Learn, Explore, and ultimately Get Involved with the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

About Box Clever

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