Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association

Enhancing the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association website experience.

About the Client

The Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association (GMUFA) was legislated into existence under the legal authority of the Post Secondary Learning Act (PSLA) and exists to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment for their members, designated by the Grant MacEwan University Board of Governors, while ensuring the proper application and interpretation of the Collective Agreement between the GMUFA and the Grant MacEwan University Board of Governors. 

About the Project

The previous GMUFA website, originally designed and developed by Box Clever in 2013, had been undergoing regular feature and functionality enhancements over time to ensure their website was continuing to serve the GMUFA well.

However, due to a combination of growing content bloat, increased online membership activity, and with an increasingly aging design, the GMUFA team decided it was time to conduct a full website refresh. The new design of the GMUFA website was focused on creating a fresh and modern look that would bring out more of the GMUFA brand's personality while creating a stronger sense of engagement to its members.

While the previous design had a minimal use of colour and ample use of whitespace, the new design features a much bolder and forward use of the GMUFA blues evoking strong feelings of trust, dependability, professionalism, and seriousness.

The use of a light cyan, and white accents provide small pops of diversity while helping to bring a level of softness and neutral warmth into the overall design.

This strong use of colour is replicated throughout the signature pages of the website, as well as in the general content and button styles.

The new homepage of the GMUFA now features a custom statistics section that not only helps direct members and the public to the larger collection of member statistics, but to also helps to establish the themes of trustworthiness and authority.

A set of new horizontal scrolling enticer tiles enable the GMUFA to quickly display and serve up a condensed list of call to action items for their key files and signature areas of the website.

The primary navigation display for the website has been compressed, now featured in a hamburger style pop out menu on both desktop and mobile devices. The new navigation provides two collections of pages, one collection showcases all of the public pages found on the website, while the other collection of pages is only visible and accessible to the logged in GMUFA members.

The new membership area for the GMUFA was a key requirement of the refresh and was designed and built to be the signature piece of the new GMUFA website experience.

The new membership area supports the use of group based assignment to define member access and visibility into the various pages, files, and features of the membership area. The new membership experience also features a custom GMUFA dashboard landing page, personal member profile pages, and customizable quick links that can be uniquely set by each individual member to help them get to the content that’s most important to them faster.


By working closely, and collaboratively with the GMUFA team, we were able to craft a strong, modern, engaging design, develop a customized membership area, and successfully launch a brand new, streamlined website experience for the staff and members of the GMUFA for years to come.

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.