Maclab Enterprises - Suntree

Finding new ways to connect with home-buyers and the community.

About the Client

Maclab Enterprises builds, owns, and operates quality developments in Western Canada. Since 1960 they have worked with residential, commercial, and destination clients throughout the region to become the largest private residential property holder in Alberta and the Northwest-Territories.

About the Project

The community of Suntree is a new housing development located in Leduc, Alberta. This family-oriented community provides a number of amenities for current and prospective home-owners, and Maclab needed a new and exciting way of providing information about its offering to its audience. We worked closely with Maclab to determine where we could provide value and help differentiate them from the competition.



To connect them with current residents we made a bright, easy to navigate website that incorporates a calendar of events as well as contests, featured photo galleries, and a commentable blog. All these features are designed to provide interaction with residents, increasing the sense of community and involvement.

To provide that extra information for prospective home-owners, and to differentiate Suntree from other communities, we built a custom Lot Mapping Module that take existing survey data and current lot-information and displays it on Google Maps. The result is a feature that provides a level of interaction not available with the standard PDF, visitors can see which lots are available as well as details about each individual lot. QR codes on the signs at each lot in Leduc also take visitors to that lot on the website!

Since we included QR codes for the Lot Mapping Module, it definitely made sense to design the site for mobile users as well. Content richness and readability is not sacrificed for anyone on their Android or iOS phone!

Consistency is key for brand recognition, and can improve interactions between our clients and their audiences. Suntree is no exception - so we designed a print newsletter for them to distribute to residents of Suntree. The newsletter lets them know what's going on in and around their neighbourhood, and helps create a sense of community.

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