Paragon Group of Companies

Consistency online, in print, and in the field.

About the Client

The Paragon group of companies was founded in 1986. It now encompasses six companies: Paragon Ventilation, Paragon Mechanical, Paragon Ventilation (Calgary), Paragon Mechanical (Calgary), Amtech and Paragon Investments. Together these companies provide commercial full-service Heating and Air Conditioning services, Building Management Control Systems, HVAC Repair and Preventative Maintenance services, and commercial leasing services throughout Alberta.

About the Project

The Paragon Group of Companies needed a corporate identity they could carry across all their materials, from business stationery to the field. We took their existing logo and designed visual elements that cued the design for the website, business cards, and more.



A new website design that is not only consistent with the rest of Paragon's materials, but includes photography of actual projects and employees too!

By designing an icon set that illustrates Paragon's service offering we were able to help them communicate what they do quickly and easily on a variety of media. It even helps staff explain Paragon's services to new customers quickly!

We took the existing Paragon logo and the new visual elements and used them in business stationery, information pamphlets, and more.

To highlight Paragon's projects and staff we directed a photo shoot of active locations and personnel. The photos have been used in everything from the website to corporate brochures, they were definitely a good investment!

About Box Clever

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