Box Clever has been an Edmonton web design company building beautiful, functional websites since 2005. 


To create a celebratory 10 year anniversary graphic that would be attention-grabbing, making a noticeable replacement to Box Clever's standard logo without interfering with the recognition and values we’ve built over the decade.


We like to keep things as simple as possible. In most cases subtracting from the current branding to create a new concept is a viable solution. However, the Box Clever logo mark is so simple that subtracting from it would leave little to work with, and in this rare instance we did the opposite. Using the invisible faces of the box, we adorned our logo mark with the number 10, to symbolize this decade’s success.


A lot of thought went into designing our 10 year logo. Before coming to the simplest conclusion, we had many attempts at the “perfect” logo. 

To show how excited we are, a few extra graphics were designed to support the celebration. We utilized the number 10 in as many unexpected ways as we could, while reflecting our brand’s aesthetic.

The final outcome: small enough to fit into our navigation, but simple enough to add more interesting elements for our social media and messaging.

Over the next year we will be implementing these graphics into everything we do. We want to express how grateful we are for ten years of great clients, great projects and amazing growth. 

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.