A modern and responsive website that highlights the services and expertise of one of North America's premier recruitment and placement specialists 

About the Client

Founded by Rich Stoppler in 1974 with a vision to innovate the recruitment industry, Executrade is now part of the ECL Group of Companies, and is one of the top North American recruitment services. They are proudly based out of Western Canada.

About the Project

Our team was tasked with building a modern, responsive website for the Executrade brand that would provide a unique design experience, distinctly based on the Executrade brand. However, it also needed to incorporate elements from the parent company, the ECL Group of Companies. Together, this drove the look and feel of the Executrade website vision for us.

The initial layout of the homepage is focused on providing strong, prominent CTAs that direct the audience to the Executrade search process based on their role either as a professional or as an organization seeking a professional. An additional CTA has been incorporated into the design to highlight the opportunity to join the Executrade team itself. 

Box Clever designers wanted to created something that was fun, but also professional, blending B&W and Color imagery with hand drawn graphical elements. The primary and secondary colours of the Executrade brand were used to lay out both background and highlighted elements.

A custom industries carousel has been designed to provide Executrade a way to use photography and strong visuals to showcase their areas of search expertise by using large recognizable visuals. In addition, a B&W to Color hover effect helps convey the active selection to visitors while adding a playful element to the experience. 

Alongside the industries area, a custom statistics display, styled with the hand drawn graphic elements in the Executrade primary brand colors, has been created allowing Executrade to display clear, impactful numbers on both their effect and reach in the recruitment industry. 

You can check out the new site here.

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.