The Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

Redefining web design for seniors by making information interactive, interesting, and above all — accessible.

About the Client

The Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton identifies their mission as "Inspiring & supporting seniors to be the best they can be." They provide a multitude of programs and services for seniors, from life enrichment to support and legal counseling.

About the Project

This project came with interesting challenges - specifically, how to reach the target audience. There's no existing guidebook for how to design a website for the 65+ demographic. The obvious choice is to make all the text bigger and high contrast, and while this does help, there's a lot more to making a site truly 'senior friendly' than text size.



"It has been a genuine pleasure working with Box Clever on the development and implementation of a new website for our organizations. We appreciated Box Clever’s willingness and creativity in meeting the unique needs of our target audience (seniors) in new and innovative ways. The team is extremely easy and enjoyable to work with. Their patience, expertise, flexibility and responsiveness were invaluable. Box Clever’s website software is intuitive, straightforward and accessible for staff that have very limited technical skills and knowledge. We are very pleased with the results of the website development project with Box Clever and would highly recommend their services to other organizations."

- Karen McDonald, Director of Community Relations, Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

The new Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton website received the IMA Best in Class Award for Nonprofit in February 2013.

One of the first issues we tackled for Sage was what website design for seniors should be, not what it is. While the accessibility software and tools the target audience may be using were familiar to us, best practices for design and user experience were next to non-existent. We designed the site to be current and fresh with bold colours and, as the designer put it, 'buttons that you could push with two hands'.

Sage, like many nonprofits, is able to provide the services and programs they do through the donations, grants, and funding they receive from third parties. These sponsors are integral to Sage's daily operations, and they deserve recognition for all they make possible. Supporters of Sage are featured on every page of the website!

One of the most used services that Sage provides is Sage Savories - an online ordering system for hot meals. Their old system was clunky and broken, so we gave them a robust new system that is designed to match their main website. Customers can choose pick up or delivery, pick individual meals or buy in bulk, and schedule delivery times all from the new ecommerce website!

Sage's focus is the life enrichment of the senior community in the Greater Edmonton Area, and with an increasing number of social media users identifying themselves in the 65+ age group, social media integration was a logical choice. Sage can now count themselves among the early adopters of social media for seniors!

See first hand how accessible Sage really is.

About Box Clever

Box Clever is an Edmonton web design company focused on long lasting relationships and innovative website design and development.