Fully responsive website for Edmonton’s Wood & Energy Store. 

About the Client

Since 1976 the Wood & Energy Store has been Western Canada's leading hearth products retailer. They are known for having the best variety of product, the most experienced staff and the largest warehouse facility. They have over 60 fireplaces installed in their Edmonton stores in order to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. 

About the Project

From the moment you arrive on the Wood & Energy Store website you can feel the warmth of their many fireplace options emanating from the screen. A warm and welcoming feeling washes over you, setting the mood for what it will feel like when you purchase your new fireplace  Our design plan was to give the site a warm tone without relying on the obvious choice of using a red, orange, and yellow colour scheme.



The minimalistic styling of this site is meant to emphasize the usability of the site by featuring crisp edges, open spaces, and two-dimensional flat illustrations that provide users with an invitation to click around an explore the site at their own pace. 

One of the most unique additions to the site is the way that the products are laid out and the ability to compare them side-by-side. A potential customer can easily look at a side-by-side comparison of up to three products at a time making their decision on which one they want a quote on that much easier. 

Each product also offers the option to Request a Quote. This feature was implemented on this site for our client  as it increases the likelihood of converting a window shopper to a qualified lead. 

Another brilliant feature on the Wood & Energy site is the testimonial section at the bottom of the home page. The design allows them to reveal that they have many valuable testimonials that cover a long period of time. This feature completes the brand experience and solidifies the trust a potential client should have in them leading to a continuation onto the Browse Our Product Line page.

About Box Clever

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